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Ornate Gothic calligraphy. Two pages.

Upper and right borders irregular in keeping with so-named "indenture" documents.

Written in Latin. Possibly an English legal instrument as it references "Manerium De Eye" (possibly the Manor of Eye). Noted on verso that it is an instrument that conveys property from John to a husband and wife. Instrument also makes reference to…

Written in Latin. Possibly and English legal instrument as it is signed by Robert of Pemberton and references John Cob and Baron Thomas Hake.

Written in Latin with irregular bottom border. Possibly an English legal instrument as it references both "Manerium De Eye" (possibly the Manor of Eye) and a Robert of Pemberton.

Partially printed, partially written. Old English writing. Contains partial wax stamp. Currency is use was pounds.

A legal request for release of Alexander Bremer from custody from Debtors Prison. Signed by Richard Riker (17731842), attorney for the plaintiffs. Riker was D.A. of New York and County Recorder. Riker Island was named for his family.

Joseph Looren(?) of Kingston NH quitclaims property to John Waters. One of the witnesses was Levi Bartlett, the son of Josiah Bartlett, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Levi Bartlett served in the Revolutionary War but is best remembered…

Mary Reed attesting to certain facts relevant to the title of a certain property of her late husband, Richard Bevan Reed.

13 April 1830. 25cm x 43 cm. 1 page on parchment. For Elizabeth Matthews. With revenue stamps. Good condition.
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